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If you need a solution to replace broken teeth and fix your smile, you might want to consider dentures. As a dentist who believes in providing high-quality care and advanced practices, Dr. Linda Jones-Laper’s office in Elkridge, Maryland, offers digital dentures to get you the best fit for your mouth. If you’d like to talk more about your denture options, call the office or book an appointment online.

Dentures Q & A

What are dentures?

Dentures are removable, prosthetic teeth. They’re used by many people to replace teeth that have been lost to dental decay, gum disease, or injury.

There are three types of dentures:

  • Overdenture: a partial denture that fits over your remaining teeth while replacing missing teeth
  • Conventional: a full denture that’s used after all your teeth are removed and the gums have healed
  • Immediate: a temporary set of dentures used while waiting for conventional dentures

Why are dentures needed?

Dentures not only fix your smile, but improve eating and speaking. Missing teeth also change your appearance, leading to sagging cheeks and a wrinkled mouth. Using dentures helps fill in those spaces to prevent that.

Additionally, people who regularly use dentures have lower risks of heart disease, diabetes, certain types of cancer, and nutritional deficiencies.

What are digital dentures?

Digital dentures are custom-made dentures created with a 3D printer. It’s the most advanced technology in denture-making. The printer is able to make your dentures by using a dental impression.

As a leader in dental care and a proponent of new technology and dental advancements, Dr. Jones-Laper offers digital dentures to her patients.

What are the advantages of digital dentures?

There are a number of advantages of digital dentures, including:

  • Shorter wait time
  • Accuracy
  • Fewer visits to the dentist

To make traditional dentures, you may need to visit Dr. Jones-Laper at least five times, but with digital dentures, you may only need to visit her three times. Not only are there fewer visits, but you’ll get your dentures a lot faster.

At the first visit, Dr. Jones-Laper takes an impression of your mouth, which is used to create your dentures. At the second visit, she tests the digital denture prototype and makes adjustments if needed. Finally, on the third visit, you walk out with your new dentures.

As a computer-generated prosthetic, the dentures are also more accurate. This means a better fit, which improves look and comfort.

If you’re considering dentures, you can call or book an appointment online with Dr. Jones-Laper to discuss your options and the latest advancements in dental care available to you.